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tWibbles Collectibles

What Are tWibbles?

tWibbles are toys made for SHARING and TRADING. You get TWO IDENTICAL tWibbles, clips & collector cards so you can KEEP ONE AND TRADE ONE. tWibbles have a RING on TOP and fasteners on the BOTTOM that allow you ATTACH THEM TOGETHER ENDLESSLY! Add a leash (sold separately) to your tWibble, and TAKE THEM EVERYWHERE you go!

FAQ on tWibbles

Q: It says on the package tWibbles are handmade. Are they really?

A: Yes, each tWibble is sewn by hand. Because the characters are so small, very little of the work can be done by machine. Each character is considered a work of art, and many craftsmen and artists have come together to create all the intricate designs you see in the product line.
Q: Can you wash your tWibbles?

A: Yes, we recommend washing the exterior with a damp cloth and mild soap. Set out to dry. Do not put these delicate little creatures in the washing machine! They will not survive!
Q: The size is so small, they seem like a choking hazard. Are these for young children?

A: No, they are not for small children or infants. tWibbles are primarily for school-age children. Young children should be supervised at all times when playing with any small toys, including tWibbles. Each parent must use their common sense and recognize the appropriateness of the toy for their child, and when in doubt, err on the side of caution.